Ironwatch artwork mhorgoth the faceless by thanebobo-d85c9h0

Mhorgoth the Faceless

Mhorgoth the Faceless is arguably the most powerful Necromancer ever to blight the world. Some say he is the greatest threat Mantica has faced since the destruction of Winter. As mad as he is powerful, Mhorgoth has sworn a pact to see every living creature perish, and he will not rest until the world is populated only by the dead.

Mhorgoth was once a man, and his talent in the sorcerous arts, even as a child, was far beyond those of any of his kinsmen. The Elves took Mhorgoth into their realm when he was but a boy, and schooled him in arcane lore. He studied in Elvenholme for years, but they did not realise the darkness inside the youth until it was too late. It was discovered that he had secretly been practicing necromancy. Before he could be captured, he fled south. Hunted down, the elves cast a spell called the "Eternal Flames" upon him, burning the flesh from his bones. He did not die, however, prompting him to unleash a spell that killed everything within a mile of him. With his face melted off and his flesh burnt beyond all recognition, Mhorgoth stumbled away in agony. He retreated from the world for many years, during which time his bitterness and madness slowly consumed him.

After two hundred years of self-imposed exile, his life unnaturally prolonged through dark arts, Mhorgoth at last emerged at the head of the largest Undead legion the world has ever seen. He led a massive undead horde against Mantica in his quest to seize the Glade of Ways held by the Twilight Kindred. Coming from east of Tragar, he invaded through the Free Dwarf Lands, slaying Thorrick Rockfist at the Battle of Ironhold Bridge before trying to cut through the Golden Horn of Basilea. He was driven back here, but is said to be plotting a return invasion.

Of the speaking races, Mhorgoth hates the Elves above all others. They raised and taught him, and then they turned on him, condemning him to be burnt alive in the Eternal Flame. Scarred, in constant agony because of their actions, Mhorgoth would drag every Elf down and make them suffer so horribly they will beg to join his kingdom of the dead.